Handwovens by Shoshana

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Cocoon jackets -- cross between a shawl and a jacket.  Our most popular item.  All hand washable.  $ 159 to $225.  Not pictured here - See section on "Cocoons".

Fancy jackets, right.  Bamboo with silk trim.  Hand-decorated.  Some are beaded, some are studded with gemstones.  Hand washable.  From $395.

Below, each season I do from 1 to 3 patchwork jackets, one of a kind like all my work.  Usually with silk bands.  $375

NEW!  Striped handwoven rayon jacket - $298.
This item instantly became the most popular seller as soon as we introduced it at art shows in Oct. 2008.  Available custom made in YOUR size - charcoal background, stripes can be blues, purples, greens, pinks, neutrals or earthtones - or any combination.  Measure circumference of a comfortable sweater or jacket and length of your arm from edge of your shoulder to wristbone.  Call or email. Same price for custom or off stock!  Takes about 6-8 weeks.