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Handwovens by Shoshana is a weaving studio on the Gulf Coast of Florida. We specialize in custom woven items--jackets, shawls, scarves, and the like. Shoshana has been working with fibers in one form or another for more than 50 years. The creativity displayed in these pages is a combination of her experiences with various fibers, designs and dressmaking skills.

Our woven items are original, handmade and unique, never machine-made. We accept orders for specific color families. Items listed on this web site are one-of-a-kind, not usually duplicated. Once they are sold, they are gone forever. You are buying directly from the original artist.

Handwovens by Shoshana can be seen at fine art shows around the East Coast and at fine boutiques and art galleries. The products are unique and very special. When you give such a gift, you will be able to say that they are not only handmade, but truly one of a kind.

What you see on this site is representative of the styles available. Not all colors are available at all times. Please e-mail or call for color choices before you place an order. Thank you.

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National Association of
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Shoshana Matthews

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