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The cocoon is a cross between a jacket and a shawl. It has armholes but drapes beautifully -- basically"A shawl you can drive in." These cocoons are truly "one size fits most" (size SM to 2XL).

At right: chenille cocooon.  Bamboo cocoons are also available, with even lighter drape and softer feel than silk.  Colors and decor vary from month to month, but are generally available in "color families" - i.e., natural and tan, rust and burgundies, blue and mauves, greens, yellows, reds, sometimes black or white.  Some with "sparkle" effects.  All our handwoven products are washable.  Prices range from $159 to $295.

Our newest product are cocoon jackets made from silk and bamboo fiber, shown at left.  Very limited quantities, call for selection.  From $225

We also offer lighter weight rayon cocoon jackets, shown at right.  These are also hand dyed and one-of-a-kind.  We usually have most color families in stock.  This is a very popular style and a perfect price for gifts. Call for selection.  $189

Handwovens by Shoshana